Dating in the fall can still be hot

Libby Trammell

As many of you have noticed, summer is over. Picnics and bike rides are now out of the question for dates unless you’re a really big fan of being cold and wet and find people in lots of layers attractive. If you’re a little more like me, however, then you want new things to do inside! When it comes to dates this time of year, it’s tricky because the snow hasn’t fallen yet, so snowball fights and the like are not possible, but it’s still too cold to go outside. So here are a few things to try.

Playing video games with your significant other can be tricky. Often we don’t end up talking during these times and instead just zone out into the game. To beat this but still keep up the competition, I encourage trying board games. I know they sound a little old-fashioned, but give it a go. Many of the residence halls on campus have board games you can check out from the front desk, and if you live off campus, then Walmart has a large collection. I recommend Clue or Risk, just because they are the most fun and intellectually challenging. If these aren’t your cup of tea, try ordering Cards Against Humanity. It’s a lot like Apples to Apples but with an adult twist.

If you have a backyard like I do, then try raking leaves. This usually monotonous chore can become very flirtatious if done correctly. Throw some leaves, run around, fall into a big pile together and there you have it! Fall-themed flirty fun! This can also be really fun if afterwards you go inside and make some hot chocolate or apple cider.

Many couples avoid cooking together because they don’t see it as a fun time. I know I personally hate cooking, so I didn’t want to try it out as a date. But give it a shot. You’d be surprised how much fun it can be. Even if you’re both hopeless in the kitchen, Pinterest has many recipes that are easy, delicious and cheap. And if one of you is the far better cook, then try teaching! Learning new things from each other can help build the relationship and deepen it. Plus, at the end of this date you get to sit down and eat with your partner, which is always a bonus.

One of the best dates I’ve ever been on was when a boy asked me to carve pumpkins with him. This activity can be a blast if you get really wacky with your designs, and picking out pumpkins is always fun! Try doing nerdy designs like Pac-Man, or something with a little school spirit such as a jackrabbit.

Coming up with dates doesn’t need to be a crazy difficult task. Just try thinking of things you enjoy doing, and then try to bring your partner in on them! Keeping things fresh is important in relationships, so always be looking out for new things to try.


Libby Trammell is majoring in human development and family studies. She can be emailed at [email protected]