Lay off Affleck, give Batman a chance

John Schmidt Web Editor

Ben Affleck has been announced to be the new Batman and of course, the masses are pissed off about it. 

The masses didn’t think Heath Ledger was going to make a good Joker. There was a giant uproar about him playing the Joker and how no one will be able to beat Nicholson and whatnot. 

Lo and behold, once the second Batman released, people were crying at the end because his performance was so well done. That and along with the fact he died during post-production. 

People tend to overanalyze and get upset over small things like someone who is playing someone else in a movie. 

Ben Affleck is a solid actor, writer, and director. “Good WIll Hunting,” which he helped write, is a quality film telling a story of a young genius. “Argo”; directed, produced, and starring Affleck, was nominated for seven academy awards and won three in 2013. 

That’s just some of his good. Everyone in Hollywood, everyone in general has made some mistakes in their lives. So it’s hard for me to see why people are mad about all of this. 

The capital T truth in all of this is: There’s going to be a new Batman movie. Why aren’t we happy about that? Not to mention it’s a mashup with Superman which was extremely popular this summer. 

Yeah I’ve seen Jersey Girl, it was bad. But I’ve also seen “The Town,” “Chasing Amy,” and “Dogma”. Those are all amazing movies that people don’t seem to give Affleck credit for in this whole Batman conundrum. 

One of my favorite movie quotes, said by Affleck in “Chasing Amy,” is: “If this is a crush, I don’t think I could take it if the real thing ever happened.”

I think people need to just calm down about things like this in general. This time last year we had Star Wars. Now we have this. 

All and all, chill out and understand that there will be a new Batman/Superman mashup movie coming soon!


John Schmidt is The Collegian’s Web Editor. He can be reached at [email protected]