Ongoing library renovations cater to students

By Katherine Clayton Reporter

Students will see major changes this year in the Briggs Library. Renovations are being completed in order to update the building and to welcome new faces to the library.

The library is starting to work on a plan of small renovations, which will eventually make a larger plan throughout the library. A few renovations that have already been completed are the first floor restroom, nursing rooms and the addition of the Office of International Affairs and Outreach. The restroom renovation began just after finals in May 2013 and just opened at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. The renovation included redoing the ventilation in the bathroom and making the bathroom handicap accessible.  

Recently completed in the library is turning a study room on the second floor into a room for nursing mothers. This room has shades on the windows for privacy and a desk and chair with armrests. Those who wish to use this room may ask the front desk for a key, this is done to ensure privacy to the mothers. 

 “ I like that it is a place that is quiet,” said Allison Guindon, a junior biology pre-optometry major.

The Office International Affairs and Outreach, which was in Wecota Hall, moved into the renovated back room of the library last year. Currently the library is in a state of flux due welcoming the Office of International Affairs and Outreach, the Teaching-Learning Center, and the Writing Center.

Previously located in the library, the Honors College moved into its new space in the Honors Hall. The Teaching-Learning Center will move into the vacated Honors space after it is painted. There are plans for the future to have the Writing Center move into the southeast corner of the library. The computers that are in the space now will be moved into various locations throughout the library. 

“All changes are for the better,” said Amdada Boerger, a senior studio art major. 

In the future the library hopes to complete shelving analysis to see what areas are growing and why other areas are not and booths are going to be installed. 

“We want to something that is flexible for students as well as being comfortable,” said Head Librarian Kristi Tornquist. “It’s your library. We want students to feel that this is their space.”