Make your SDSU bucket list count

Kelly McKnight Columnist


 Bucket lists are typically full of experiences that people wish to complete before they die. Like all good bucket lists, mine includes skydiving, Rocky Mountain climbing, and riding bulls named Fu-man-chu, in addition to a section of things to complete during my four short years at State. I have been fortunate to cross off a majority of this section, like when I publicly embarrassed myself a few weeks ago catching punts at the Dakota Marker football game (I got to cross off “be involved in a promotional event at a football game”) and getting published in The Collegian, but there is still more I wish to accomplish. I only have seven more months to accomplish these things and the pressure is on. So, while I am fighting to finish off this part of my bucket list, I figured I would share a few things I think all students should have on their SDSU bucket list. 

Number one: Learn about SDSU history, traditions, and culture. 

This is a big one: SDSU has so much to offer and so much to be proud of. It is well-known that SDSU invented Cookies-n-Cream ice cream but most people don’t know that SDSU has the full-line of dairy production and is one of few colleges in the country to have it. I talked to a student yesterday who has never had SDSU ice cream. I think eating SDSU ice cream should be a graduation requirement. Aside from having your life changed after eating it, it is part of our history. I also recommend students climb The Campanile, learn the school song, and hear about the many successful graduates of our great school. These are great fun facts to impress family and friends and stop USD graduates in their tracks. 

Number two: Make use of the opportunity around you.

Did you know the pharmacy department is working on a cure for cancer? Or that an SDSU graduate is working in the Wild Kingdom as a ‘Wild Guide’? SDSU is full of many opportunities and has something for everyone, from cancer research to cooking classes, from meat science to political science, from learning how to balance a checkbook to learning better balance in yoga class. Go out there, use these opportunities, and chase after your dreams. I am grateful for my opportunity to complete research and get a deeper understanding about the human body. 

Number three: Be nice to everyone.

SDSU is the choice for higher education for 13,000 people in 175 different majors, minors and fields of study. Since coming to SDSU, I have taken classes with all different majors- agronomy, nursing, engineering, and psychology to name a few. SDSU is so awesome because you can take classes with all different fields of study and walks of life. The people who go here and the people in your classes will be people who feed us, heal us, design bridges, write best-selling novels and win points for us in fantasy football leagues. Being nice to everyone will pay off. 

I could go on for pages about things to add to an SDSU bucket list. In the midst of tests and papers, I hope you all take the time to enjoy the experience. Make friends, join new clubs, and experience all you can because soon you will be in my shoes- a senior who is thankful for having another seven months left of school. 

Kelly McKnight is majoring in Biology Pre-Med. She can be reached at [email protected]