Bum-A-Bike tries again





 Bum-A-Bike, a program where students can rent a bike for free, is starting up again this year despite having difficulties in the past. Programming and Public Relations Chair for the Students’ Association Libby Trammell, leads the program with high hopes for this year. 

Trammell handles any program that SA needs her to do and that includes Bum-A-Bike. The program is for students only; however, they must turn in an application and answer a few questions. The application is due Friday, Oct. 11. The program operates on an honor system and if students don’t bring the bike backs by the appropriate time, they will be charged $10 every day they aren’t turned back in. 

There are currently 12 working bikes this year. After reviewing applications, bikes will be handed over to the renters along with a bike lock, all free of charge. 

Several students were asked about what they thought about the program. 

“It’s a good opportunity for students off campus and its good for financial reasons as well as preventing pollution. Being on campus though, I don’t feel the need to have one myself,” Jill Olsen, sophomore apparel merchandising major said. 

This year the applications are different. Trammell claims they are “tough but fair”. In past years, students didn’t 


 bring the bikes back or they left them in poor condition. Trammell plans on staying in communication with each of the renters to discuss storage for the winter, any repairs needed, and the return date. 

In recent years, there was one student employed to fix the bikes for students, but this year Trammell and a few other SA senators will be doing the repairs. 

All of the bikes are from past years that were left in the bike racks around SDSU campus over the summers. Trammell hopes to obtain grants to get new bikes for future use, but so far, she has had no luck. The bikes are being stored in an old married-student housing unit that the Students’ Association rented out for purpose of storage for the bikes.

The funds for the Bum-A-Bike program come from the Students’ Association. Though Trammell is in charge this year, next year there will be a new person, as there is every year.

Jordan Speeks, a sophomore graphic design major said “it’s easy, affordable and because we’re college students, it’s a good idea.”

Students are encouraged to apply for the Bum-A-Bike program because it offers a quicker way to get to classes that are across from campus. So far, nobody has applied for the program. The application is simple; it asks for basic information and then asks a few questions regarding the student’s use of the bikes and if they have the ability to repair bikes themselves. This is followed by the agreement on the back of the application. 

“SDSU has a widespread campus and classes can be far apart, especially with the weather,” said Trammell. “If you want to get there quicker, bikes are the way to do it.”

To get an application, students can get one from the Students’ Association Office across from Java City in The Union or email [email protected]