Transitioning from beach boy to Jack

Emily Bouta Juice Editor


  Tom Stoll is a freshman sociology major who is minoring in criminal justice. 

  “I want to be a cop, but then again I don’t know, something with criminal justice,” Stoll said.


Do you do anything else? Like a club?


Well my job is to ref intermural sports, does that count?


How do you like SDSU so far?


I like it; it’s nice to get away from everything.


Where did you move here from?


I’m from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 


If you had the option to stay in Massachusetts why would you come to Brookings, South Dakota?


I just wanted to get away. It didn’t really matter where I went, either southern or Midwestern, this place was just one of the cheapest. 


How does Brookings differ from Cape Cod?


Well Cape Cod is pretty big. I’ve never even been on a farm before, I lived on a beach and there are no beaches here. It’s funny to listen to people’s accents here, and it’s really cold. I mean I get snow too, but not in October. 


Do you like South Dakota better than Massachusetts?


Well I like Minnesota better. South Dakota is ok but I would rather be there, especially the parts that I’ve been to. 


Tom wants to move somewhere else after college but he doesn’t know where. There are many opportunities out there for this young Jack and he’s determined to find them. Whether it be in the sand or dirt.