Spice up things up a pumpkin banner

Emily Bouta Juice Editor

 The Collegian needed a little Halloween spirit. So we went searching to find a cool, easy to make, decoration. We found a banner that had bats on it and thought that it would look better, and be easier with pumpkins, so we tried something different. The cardboard gave a good backing so that the paper that we stuck to it wouldn’t tear. We had a leftover package so we just used a little corner off of the side of it. Coloring the pumpkins in was the best part. It gave us a chance to show our creative sides. The pumpkins are different sizes so they look more creative. Don’t worry about staying in the lines; you can cut them up to any size you want. We started out putting the string through the middle but it ended up looking more like a necklace then a banner. Going right through the middle was a better idea. Now it’s hanging in our office and we are full of Halloween spirit with this new seasonal craft! 

Items needed:




Colored pencils


Cardboard box 

Thread or string

Needle is suggested


Cost: Nothing


Craft or Crap? Craft



1.) Draw the outline of the pumpkin and then color the pumpkins in. Make them different sizes and even make them different shades of orange.


2.) Glue the pumpkins onto the cardboard box. Place them as close to the edge as you can so there’s less for you to cut.


3.) Cut the pumpkins out. Placing smaller ones in between the bigger ones makes it look better. 


4.) Thread the string through the middle of cardboard pumpkin. String them up anywhere you want.