The reason why “no shave November” is so popular

Emily Bouta Juice Editor


 Why would you want to go a whole month without shaving? During the month of November both men and women participate in the phenomenon No Shave November. Men grow out their facial hair while women grow out their leg hair. 

This tradition has made me wonder where it came from. Was someone sitting there one day thinking, “Hey I wonder I wonder what would happen if I didn’t shave for a month.” So I went researching in hopes of finding a mark in history that explains why we dedicate a whole month to looking like Bigfoot. 

Turns out that back in ancient Greece, Aristotle said in his Nicomachean Ethics, “… no man can be trusted if he is without a beard. For that reason, beard growth training is as important as proper training in ethics.” That sounds a lot like he’s saying that if you don’t have a beard, you’re a liar. 

More towards our modern day, Karl Marx had the idea of growing out facial hair to make the bourgeoisie angry. He picked the month of November, no one knows why though. Even though he failed his beard didn’t. 

Since then men and women put down the shaving items in November to participate in the month long theme. Now I know that I’m a lady and can’t produce my own mustache and beard, thankfully, but if I was male who could, I would. November works to raise money for testicular and prostate cancer just as October works towards breast cancer. 

Ever since 1999 there has been an organization called Movember. They had the goal to raise money for testicular and prostate cancer. Participants are called Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. Sign up is at Men are allowed tow trim their breads, but not allowed to put a razor to it. 

No Shave November has a purpose: it’s not just hairy men and women making an excuse to not shave, but their making a difference in men’s health. Plus, who doesn’t love a guy with a beard?