A day in the life of a collegiate athlete

Emily Bouta Juice Editor


 Scheduling is key when it comes to track and cross country freshman Taylor Lohan. Running since seventh grade, Lohan joined track and cross country as soon as she got to SDSU. 

After the season is over, the team has only a two-week break throughout the whole year. During the winter, she runs on the indoor track and in the summer she must stay on top of her workout plans with Flotrack, an online program where she tracks the workouts she has completed. Head track/cross country coach Rod DeHaven sends out a weekly workout plan during the summer. “Everyone’s responsible for their own workout,” Lohan said.

Everyone on the team gets their own miles that they must meet each week. If the miles aren’t hit, then they have to run, which means getting up early in the morning. Cross training is mandatory twice a week, which includes swimming, biking, etc. Then, of course, studying at the Dykhouse for two hours to get all of their homework done to keep up good grades. 

A typical day for Lohan would be to wake up, depending on if she meet her miles or not. She might need to run at 4:00 a.m. and then go to classes. Practice starts at 3:20 p.m., and currently is being held at the indoor track. Also, depending on the day, she may need to do cross training too. Afterwards the team eats and studies. If they are just running, the team will get done at around 5 p.m.. If cross training takes place then 6:30 p.m. 

“Scheduling is most of it,” Lohan said, “if you don’t schedule then nothing will get done.”

Track and cross country students have a jam-packed schedule including classes and making sure that they have enough time for homework and getting miles in for the week, even planning for mileage in the summertime.