Dressing for the current season, it’s still winter

Emily Bouta Juice Editor

Flip flops. An accessory meant for the warm days of summer not the cold days of winter, or even the cool days of spring. Walking around campus in 40 degree weather wearing flip flops makes you look like an idiot. Why, just why? 

It’s cold outside. Yes, the bright sun is shining and the breeze is a little bit warmer than the negative wind-chill factor that it was a month ago, but don’t be stupid about it. Like, if your mother was here she would probably tell you to go back in that house and put some warm clothes on. 

I get that it’s your life, and you’re supposed to live how you want to but let’s be honest here, warmth is more important than the cuteness factor of your new spring shoes. My clothing plans are to layer and wear closed toe shoes until it is at least 65 degrees. 

Put on a jacket. Wear appropriate shoes. And don’t get sick. Bam, problem solved. Imagine a world where the more clothes you wear, the warmer you are. Oh wait, there is. It’s called Earth, I mean hello? 

It not only makes me cold just looking at you, but it makes me wonder what your childhood was like. Why would a mother let someone go out of the house in weather that isn’t the warmest? The only reason would be to teach that child a lesson. A very harsh and cold lesson. 

Seasons come and go and clothing styles change. Scarves, jackets, thick socks are all things to be worn in winter and early spring, which are the seasons that we are in. Newsflash people of SDSU, there is cold weather all around and it’s not going to get warmer for about another month, that is what we get for living in Brookings.

The reason why I am angry with people wearing a limited amount of clothes is because my mother raised me to dress appropriately for the weather. So when I see people wearing flip flops and shorts I can only assume that you are rebelling against your mother’s wishes to stay warm, safe and healthy. Which is something that I, and your mother, are not okay with. 

Frostbite, the flu and infections are all common illnesses that come from underdressing. Trust me, I know. I went to the beach once and went swimming in very cold water on a very cold day and had gotten the flu. What a shocker, right? Someone getting sick from being cold. 

Now I know what you’re thinking. What if I’m not cold? What if I actually like wearing my sandals and shorts in the cold weather and it doesn’t bother me? 

I can’t tell you how to live your life. I’m just saying your mother and I would like it if you dressed warmer. Do it for the good of the fellow students who have to watch you walk around in very cold weather and be cold themselves. Thank you to the people who wore jackets and scarves in this weather, it means a lot. Also, thank you to the mothers who are looking out for you, because I know they love you. Keep in mind one thing, warmth is everything. If not for me, do it for your mothers. 


Emily Bouta is majoring in journalism. She can be reached at [email protected]