Celebrating tradition

Emily Bouta Juice Editor

Students were shown traditional Indian food and dancing Sunday night as SDSU’s Indian Student Association put on India Night. 

All of the acts at the event came from Indian culture and each one showcased the different regions of India, according to Brahamdeo Verma, president of the SDSU Indian Student Association. This is his third year on the committee and he has a lot of experience with India Night. Most of the night was taken up by dancing. 

“Some of the dances were more traditional while others were more modern,” Verma said. “India is very diverse and that’s what we wanted to show. How diverse India is yet it’s still united.” 

Everything that was shown during the night came from India. “When we celebrate Indian festivals is when we connect with everyone from India, from there I email them to ask if they would like to be a part of India Night,” Verma said. “They bring in their dances and showcase them from the north and south.” 

Showing all the different parts of India was important to Verma. “Some of the dances are more modern, but traditional dances are what was important,” Verma said. 

The food of the night was what is most popular. All of it keeping its tradition but showing the diverse areas of India, according to Verma. The entire night was authentic to India.