Finck and McCranie win election with 754 votes

Sara B News Editor

After a 45 minute delay, President Ben Stout announced that Caleb Finck and Courtland McCranie won the race for Students’ Association President and Vice President 754 votes to 614.

“I’m glad it was close though. It shows that students really believed in both tickets,” McCranie said.

Finck and McCranie plan to be very accessible next year with students. They want to know what the problems are and deal with them right away.

“Throughout the next year, if you have a problem, let us know about it … As we’ve been talking with students, we’ve been writing down the new ideas and issues that we’ve come across,” Finck said.

Finck and McCranie have been planning and preparing for this election since February. In other colleges, there are some new faces as well as returning faces.

“I’m glad to see we’ve got some returning people… it’s good there’s new blood too, it’s the future of the Senate,” McCranie said.

The first time Finck and McCranie both ran to be on SA, they didn’t get on. It didn’t stop them, however, from trying again.

“The next big thing I’d like to see is twice as many people to apply for at large positions,” Finck said. “ … start working on that right away.”

Finck and McCranie received the majority of their votes from the College of Arts and Sciences with 211 while Matt Dahle and Meghan Plotz, the other presidential and vice presidential candidates, took the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences with 235 votes.

Senators for the respective colleges have all been determined. The Graduate School will need a runoff to determine their third senator. A list of the winning senators can be seen in the window of the SA office.