Here Comes the Boom: A movie for everyone’s taste


 Looking for a funny and charming movie with just a little bit of everything including action, romance and comedy all packed into one hour and 45 minutes? Look no further, because that is what you’ll find with Here Comes the Boom

This comedy stars Kevin James as a high school biology teacher named Scott Voss who no longer cares about teaching. He shows up to school late and when he does get there he just reads his newspaper. One day he walks into the band room and listens to the band play, which is directed by his friend and colleague Marty. Oh, and plot twist; Marty and his wife are expecting a baby and they are well into their 50s. 

Marty and Scott attend a staff meeting later and the vice principal announces that the music program among others will be cut, meaning Marty is out of a job. Scott sticks up for him knowing they are expecting. In order for the music program to be saved, however, they must raise $48,000. 

Marty and Scott then begin to do extra jobs to raise money. Scott gets a part time position at a night school teaching for a citizenship class. One of his students, Niko, asks if Scott can help him study a little more. Scott agrees and learns that Niko was a MMA fighter, also known as mixed martial arts. 

Scott then decides he wants to become a MMA fighter to raise money for his school and for Marty. He gets Niko to train him and he starts fighting right away. They train for weeks and he has a few rough fights, but then his luck turns around as he finally starts to win some. 

With all the excitement Scott also becomes a better teacher as his students start to look up to him more. There’s also a little flirty romance going with the school nurse played by Salma Hayek. He ends up UFC fighting to win the big bucks. Right when everything is looking good, everything falls apart. The principal at the school embezzled all of the money Scott earned and the only way for Scott to raise enough money for the music program is if he wins the UFC fight against one of the most dangerous fighters in the league. 

Scott’s catch phrase throughout the movie is that he thinks he can lose, because if you lose in an UFC fight you win $10,000 and if you win you get $50,000. In a crazy, unbelievable third round, Scott wins and leaves the crowd shocked. 

He wins it all, saves the school and gets the girl. It’s a win for everyone. So, call in the family because this movie has something for everyone and I definitely recommend you watch it.