Going greek has its benefits

Destinie Marshall


 You may see us sitting in the Greek Life Office, around campus sporting our letters, or hear about our many philanthropy events we have going on each month. We are a very welcoming group of students who would love to chat about Greek Life and what we have to offer you.

No matter what your major is, or what your favorite hobbies are, SDSU Greek Life has great options for anyone to fit in. Not only do we want our own chapters to thrive, we need our entire Greek community to thrive together. 

If you are not Greek, you have no idea what you are missing out on. SDSU’s Greek Life is very small, but is growing every year, and is continuing to add new experiences as well as chapters. On campus there are four sororities including: Alpha Xi Delta, Ceres, Chi Omega and Alpha Omega Epsilon.

Last year there were over 100 girls who went through recruitment here at SDSU, skyrocketing from what it was in previous years. Also there are seven fraternities on campus including: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Farmhouse, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Gama Rho, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Chi and Sigma Phi Delta. 

The first thing that comes to a person’s mind about sororities and fraternities is that you have to “pay” for your friends. The money paid into Greek Life goes back to you in ways of paying for the upkeep of housing, formals, socials and other great opportunities they have to offer. Paying for a membership in a club on campus is similar to paying for Greek Life, you are paying for the experiences, not the friends. 

One thing I take out of Greek Life is all the great experiences with my sisters. Every week we have our meetings along with other great events to create new memories and relationships. All Greek Life on campus is intermingled as a whole, as well as their own chapters.

There are so many opportunities that we have being involved with our chapters and having our alumni. Knowing connections for the future can help us create relationships and future jobs after college.

Another myth about us is we party too much. Not saying we don’t have a great time, but schoolwork, philanthropy and brother/sisterhood is so much more important to us. Greek Life at SDSU is very different from what is shown on televisions and in movies, we are a tight knit community. 

Is having someone to go with you whenever you need something really so terrible? Having 30 to 60 girls or guys to be able to fall back on is a great thing to have, especially in college; you never know what situations you may find yourself in. From being an only child growing up to having 56 sisters over night is one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life.

Greek Life as a whole has large goals to fulfill in the upcoming years. We hope to be bringing two new sororities to campus as well as charter the two fraternities: Lambda Chi Alpha and Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Destinie Marshall is majoring in business economics. She can be reached at [email protected]