Part-time job fair a success

By SARA BERTSCH Lifestyles Editor

Students who can’t find anymore spare change lodged in the depths of the couch cushion should fear no more.

On Wednesday, August 27, the SDSU Career Development Office held a Part-Time Job Fair in the Student Union from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Around 30 employers made an appearance in the Volstroff Ballroom on Wednesday. Students had the opportunity to meet with each of these employers and discuss the many opportunities they had available and the type of work they might do at each respected business.

A majority of students at SDSU find the need for a part-time job due to the cost of food, housing, tuition and additional expenses. Freshman Mackenzie Popken, a pre-pharmacy major, was one of the many students who attended the job fair. As a student she saw the need to have an extra source of money.

“My parents stressed me to go so I can have some sort of income. Also I felt the need to because when I want to go out or get groceries I need some money for that,” Popken said.

The job fair also featured volunteer openings for students who were looking to expand their volunteer experience.

The Boys & Girls Club of Brookings was one of the many employers who made an appearance at the job fair. They had several positions open and volunteer opportunities. Students who approached their booth were greeted by current employees who spoke of the many upsides of working at the club.

Another employer that employs a large number of SDSU students was Daktronics. The employees of this booth boasted the large success rate of the students who work for them and the career opportunities for South Dakota college graduates.

There was a large number of employers at the event that included businesses in town and out of town. Businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings, ADVANCE, AvailAbility, Employment Services & Staffing, Volunteer Service Bank, Brookings School District, SGS North America, Inc., are just a few of the many that made an appearance.

Once students were done visiting the various booths they were asked to fill out a survey at the very end of the fair. It included which booths they visited and how their visit went with the employers.

There was also a table for those who needed to fill out applications and hand back to employers on the spot. This was found very convenient for both students and employers.

Students who attended also received a free scoop of the famous SDSU ice cream. In addition to the delicious treats, students also had the chance to enter their name in for a gift card.