6th Street to see upgrades

By Abby Schoenwald News Editor

The empty lot on 13th Avenue and 6th Street will not be empty for long. There are plans for new development. Previously open, the now fenced in lot will house a mixed-use building. Plans are led by Brian Gatzke. 

The new complex will be located half a mile from The Union, one mile from Walmart, 1.7 miles from Hy-Vee and less than a mile from downtown. This location will be convenient for students, faculty and other Brookings residents. 

“It [complex] will have three or four commercial buildings and 14 condos.” Gatzke said. 

In condos, tenants can buy part of the complex. Tenants would then have to pay an association fee to use the facilities provided. This gives the owner of the complex the ability to sell one condo at a time while maintaining ownership of the building as a whole. 

The four commercial spaces have been contracted out. A food service business, health care, financial bank and professional office will occupy the spaces. 

The mixed-use complex will offer one and two bedroom options and one condo will be ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] compliant and handicap accessible. 

Gatzke has been part of building other rentals in Brookings including the apartments above Wooden Legs Brewery. Gatzke is also building apartments downtown between the Lantern Lounge and Vintage Willows. The plans for this building are still taking shape as Gatzke speaks with his neighbors.

 “We plan on putting another mixed use building in there.” Gatzke said. “It is important to work well with your neighbors.”

Brookings currently has many rentals in city limits; ranging from houses, apartments and townhomes. Rent costs range from 200 to upwards of 800 dollars for a one-bedroom housing options in Brookings. Gatzke said cost of rent has not been established yet. 

The development on 6th Street has been in the works for some time. 

“ It took a while … about five years to work through zoning and land use challenges.” Gatzke said, “You have to wait for the commercial markets to change.”

Gatzke is not the only one developing this area. According to The Brookings Register, “The Brookings City Council gave unanimous approval Tuesday [Sept. 9] to a rezoning request that will bring a two-story BankStar Financial branch office to the corner of Sixth Street and 13th Avenue.”  

Other developments in Brookings include construction on South Main Avenue, a new elementary school and the on-going upgrades to SDSU facilities. 

“If all goes well … it [condos] will be available for rent Aug. 1, 2015.” Gatzke said.