Is life really but a dream?

By: Kysean Gregory Opinion Editor

What would you call a collection of memories followed by some bad and good feelings? I would call it life, every day we just move around memories and we may experience some bad moments or some good moments throughout our day. Life is something special that no one can explain, so that brings me to having the need to know what you all think about life. So, my question for this week is: “Is life just a dream?” Have you ever thought about life as a dream — what if we were all just a part of someone else’s dream? What if every time we woke up thousands of people died? That is kind of a crazy thought.

Now imagine that the life you are living now as just one of your own dreams. Once you died in this dream, you would wake up to live the life that you were just previously sleeping in. What if everyone you knew and had made what you thought would be life-long connections with, just disappeared when you woke up? We wouldn’t be able to tell the difference because of the fact that we don’t always remember all of our dreams. To branch out of the topic, you could ask yourself, do I really exist?

Solipsism is the idea that your existence is the only thing that can actually be known to exist or that can be real. The foundations of solipsism starts in the ground plans of psychological concepts: thinking, willing, emotions and perceiving. Which brings us back to my point of life just being a collections of thoughts and memories. In terms of my thinking, solipsism supports my idea of life being a dream. With each life being just a dream, created with our mind. It’s proves that the only thing we know for sure, is that our mind/existence is real.  

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the idea of life being a dream or a fragment of our imagination highly possible. There is no definite answer to what waits for us once we pass away or “wake up”. Hey, don’t you think it would be kind of cool, to die just to wake up to another life? Or even in a different universe? Believing in this pushing my drive to know more about life and all the mysteries that come along with it. Until next time.

KySean is a sophomore speech education and theater major. He can be reached at [email protected].