Jackrabbit shares her excitement for Hobo Day

Brianna Arity Columnist

Hobo Day: a day that students from all over the state can’t wait for. All week, there are festivities and time seems to stop or slow down. For one week we are hobos and for this week, hobos are crowned.

If you go to school at SDSU, then you can’t help but participate in tailgating, wearing blue and yellow. It’s not just a homecoming for SDSU and the Jackrabbits of Brookings; it’s a way of life. Schedules have been moved around since the end of last year’s Hobo Day to make this celebration legendary. Students who go to class all this week are commended. The haze of celebration and Hobo Brew hasn’t hit them yet.

The Hobo Day parade is not one to miss as some of the biggest floats in South Dakota are made to compete for the first prize. Families and alumni travel down to sold-out hotel rooms and trashed college houses to relive memories of drunkenness and football. There isn’t such a thing as looking too boring because everyone is there for the same reasons, to have a good time. Blue and yellow are sacred colors and the beloved letters of the alphabet are yelled throughout the town, “SDSU!”

Will the weather be too cold? There is no such thing as “too cold” when you’re talking about football in Brookings, South Dakota. Here, it is a sport full of record breakers and ankle breakers. Here, if you know the rules of football, you are among many. Football is a way of life for Brookings.

 You can’t escape it. Professors and students alike are interested in the events transpiring around campus and rejoice about our successful industry of football here. Hobo Day is a fan favorite with famous traditions, familiar statues and popular colors. Hobo Day might even turn into Hobo “Daze” for most because that’s what is. If you live in South Dakota, you’ve heard of our homecoming traditions and SDSU should reply with “you’re welcome.” SDSU celebrates, hard. We like to celebrate. Accomplishments are many here and earning them isn’t short of perfection in our eyes; it is the definition of perfection. The hobo tradition established here in 1912 has won many hearts and still continues to do so today. Hobos here aren’t people to shy away from; they are people you want to be for one whole week. Whether a hobo or a Jackrabbit, they are one in the same, screaming for their team and embracing traditions that will live on.


Brianna  is an early childhood education major. She can be reached at [email protected]