Haunted Hustle

By Sara Bertsch Lifestyles Editor

Students have the opportunity to win loads of prizes this Halloween at the Haunted Hustle. Put on by the Exercise Science club, this is their first annual team activity challenge with registration beginning at 5 p.m. and the actual event at 6 p.m on Oct. 30.

“We did some brainstorming and wanted to come up with a fun activity or race that students and community members would be interested in participating in. We got some of our inspiration from the show Amazing Race and we call ours an activity challenge.” said Cassandra Feske, president of the Exercise Science Club.

Students participate by forming a two-person team, which costs $20. According to Feske, there will be six different activity locations around campus.

“Before the race starts everyone will be in teams of two. They will get a piece of paper with all the clues on the locations of the activities. It is up to the team to decide where they are going to run to first,” Feske said.

The event somewhat follows the idea of The Amazing Race as teams will be handed a packet of clues. They will go to different places across campus and compete in several activites. They will be doing Minute to Win It type activities but the club will not disclose any other information until the start of the event.

“We’re really trying to promote physical activity throughout campus and the community,” said Jerrica Huber, secretary of the Exercise Science Club. “To get people moving and to have people have something else to do for Halloween.”

There will be several prizes for students to win. The grand prize that is advertised is a pair of top ten tennis shoes for each member of the winning team. According to Huber, they will each also win a gift card to Top Ten.

This is the first year of the Haunted Hustle. Normally, the club has a spooky spectacular event which involves a 5K.

Even though this is the first annual Haunted Hustle, they still expect a large crowd.

“We are expecting a big turnout. We think there are going to be a lot of people that register the day of, just because that’s how the events go,” Huber said.

Everyone who attends will win some sort of prize. There are lots of coupons, gift cards, and tanning minutes that students can win. If costumes are worn, students can get put into the drawing an additional time. If they bring items for the food pantry, they can get entered another time.

“The most exciting part will be watching all of the teams complete the team activity challenges at the six locations. I will not be able to be at these locations but am looking forward to seeing pictures. Also I am hoping there is a race at the end to the finish line for the grand prize to make it exciting,” Feske said.

Students are encouraged to register early at Information Exchange. If not, they can still register at 5 p.m. on Thursday.