Nail City

By Sara Bertsch Managing Editor

Nail City offers numerous nail services at a competitive price and good quality for college students and the Brookings community.

Minji Feng, owner of Nail City, started her business two years ago. Located off 22nd Street near Hy-Vee; the location of the business attracts a variety of customers.

“What sets us apart is that we are friendlier and we don’t charge too much,” Feng said.

Feng is originally from northern California but was intrigued by the area and decided to move to Brookings and start a nail business.

Nail City provides several nail services including pedicures, manicures, artificial nails and shellac.

People tend to choose Nail City over other competitors because of the cost. On Mondays the salon offers 20 percent off of pedicures and on Tuesdays it offers 20 percent off of manicures. According to Feng, Nail City has a quality guarantee. If nails are chipped, they will fix it for free.

Sarah Croymans, a pre-mortuary major, likes the idea of the quality guarantee. Croymans recently had her nails done at Oscar Nail Spa and was not thrilled with the results.

“I went there, because I knew where it was [located],” Croymans said. “They didn’t last very long though… It was too much for the quality.”

Decent prices are a must-have for Croymans when she looks for a nail salon. Lexi Opitz, freshman pre-nursing major, has the same standards when she looks to get her nails done.

“[I look for] someone who is gentle and talks to you…” Opitz said. “I like when they keep conversation going and you aren’t sitting there awkwardly. If you are going to pay to get your nails done, they might as well be different.”

Nail City takes walk-ins and appointments. They also encourage customers to bring in pictures of a nail design that they would like and the employees of Nail City can create the design.

Feng suggests customers to get a manicure every two weeks or when the nails begin to chip. For pedicures, she said that customers could wait a little longer