Double major highly impacts successful basketball program

By Shawn Minor Sports Writer

The passion and emotion Clarin exhibits is not reserved solely for the game of basketball, she works equally as hard in the classroom.

Named to the Summit League Commissioner’s List of Academic Excellence in both sophomore and junior years, Mariah double-majors in advertising and graphic design.

Terry Harris, a broadcast journalism and multimedia instructor, taught Clarin three years ago in a basic newswriting class but still keeps in touch.

Harris remembers Clarin as a respectful student who was dedicated to excellence. She never used her athletic status as an excuse to maneuver around course requirements, Harris said.

“Just think,” Harris said, “a double major athlete who starts for a high quality athletic program. That takes a special person – to manage that kind of stress is beyond my comprehension, and still maintain high grades.”

“School has always been the number one thing for me,” Clarin said. “School and then basketball. My parents have always expected good grades.”

It’s something that began early on in her life, as it was important to her parents, Bob and Donna, and her two older sisters, Marissa and Micayla, as well.

“They both worked really hard in school,” Clarin said. “I’ve always looked up to them, whether they know it or not. I’ve wanted to be like them and be successful like they are.”

While balancing school and basketball, Clarin is also in the process of starting her own photography business, Mariah Elise Photography.

Taking pictures was always something she enjoyed but never took serious until her parents pushed her to do it according to Clarin.

After receiving a camera from them for Christmas one year, she fell in love with it.

“I’ve done a lot of pictures with my teammates, wedding photos and pictures of my horses,” she said. “I try to hit all areas because I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with photography, but I’m leaning towards weddings right now.”

Clarin is not promoting herself yet because she doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with her business and basketball at the same time.

She recently booked a friend’s wedding in Las Vegas, but she’s quick to note that her friend’s family lives out there, so it won’t be a typical ‘Vegas wedding.’

After graduating, Clarin would like to move back to Minnesota, somewhere closer to home.