Life Part 1: Technological Advances = Societal Declines

By: Robert Lyons

Within technology, or any platform, people have a better chance of displaying their point of view. Many platforms, however, allow ignorance to be in the forefront of their perception.

Very few would shove beliefs down another’s throat face to face, but have no problem doing that on a social media site or a printed publication.

Remember the equal sign profile picture for mathematics awareness? Remember the Kony 2012 presidential campaign all over Facebook? My friends and I were never approached personally by any of these supporters about why these topics were important, but only through a picture as to what the idea was.

If one thinks something is imperative to another or to the masses, why not speak face to face on it? That means social skills have to be used and that’s whack, especially since public speaking is apparently the biggest fear in people. That’s probably why slander through virtual space is popular; internally, I slander those who slander through virtual space because it’s not anything to be treated lightly.

VULNERABLE MOMENT: I’ve been a victim of cyber bullying.

People harassed me by saying how I’m not as attractive as them via Snapchat, saying how I had a spelling error in my last article, and saying how I’m just a six on the good looks scale. Yet none of those people would ever approach me personally!

Ignorance is ever present in the cyber world and numerous people have had trouble facing their demons to talk about it.

Because I’m behind a keyboard, I garnered the courage to talk about it, which caused me to go back to a dark place I never wanted to return to. To my readers going through these same struggles, it does get better and don’t let anyone get you down. To the readers not going through that, think about it like this: if we could take the ignorance in the world and replace it for something less ignorant, the world would be entirely less ignorant. To every single cyber bully out there please take your ignorance and put it in the recycle bin.

Seeing as how everyone has the opportunity to hide behind a keyboard and talk about the issues that are detrimental to our society, we should create a societal revolution to uplift each other in this technological age.

To the issues we find important, revolutionary justice needs to be served on a hot plate and spoon fed to others. Make sure that the hot plate isn’t extremely hot but lukewarm, that way people won’t burn themselves out on the justice. The reason the revolutionary justice is spoon fed is because it is never safe to shove the justice down one’s throat; it is better to let the justice be digested and savored.