Wearing comfy clothes will not help when it comes to careers


Dress codes are a big part of career life. Unfortunately for a number of college students, none of these dress codes involve baggy sweat pants, Ugg boots or shorts.

“I think there is a really big issue in today’s society with individuals’ concepts of what is appropriate to wear,” said Brielle Mears, junior apparel merchandising major. “I understand that whole idea of being comfy, or lazy, for class, but it has been proven that when individuals put a bit of effort into their daily routine, they perform better in the workplace.”

What is and is not appropriate to wear in the workplace varies. Many factors can influence a career wardrobe including the nature of your work, safety and the overall climate of your region. Because of the inconsistency, college students may feel lost and overwhelmed about what they should wear to work.

“Notice all the other people that are in your area that work with you,” said Heidi Hopewell, a human resources coordinator at Daktronics. “Dress one step up from that. It’s the idea of dressing for the part you want, not the part you have.”

This is definitely easier said than done—especially when trying to maintain personality.

“Consider adding jackets or blazers,” said Nancy Lyons, an apparel merchandising professor at SDSU. “It can give you that extra edge.”

Alix Schaeffer, a senior apparel merchandising major, also had some tips for keeping your personality in a professional outfit.

“Colors are great,” Schaeffer said. “You just don’t want to have too many obnoxious colors or patterns. Colors and different little accessories are always good.”

Although we may not want to admit it, what we wear has a big impact on people’s perceptions of us. And while wearing crazy leggings may be tempting, it is important for college students to start thinking about dressing for the career they are pursuing.

“It’s a process,” Schaeffer said, “and if you don’t start it soon enough, it can be difficult.”