Senate debates resolution supporting Missouri students, postpones to next week

A resolution in support of efforts to combat racism sparked significant debate among the Students’ Association during Monday’s meeting.

Before voting on Resolution 15-11-R, titled “In Solidarity with the University of Missouri football team, Jonathan Butler, and students of color,” SA took a 10-minute recess.

When the senators returned, a motion was made to amend the resolution’s Be It Resolved clause to say that SA supports and stands in solidarity “with all students of color” rather than the original “with the football players at the University of Missouri, Jonathan Butler and all students of color.”

There was also a second motion to create a second Be It Resolved clause where SA supports the university’s continued efforts “to promote diversity and inclusiveness and work to better our campus climate.”

The amendments were proposed in order to not take a political stance that is not SDSU-oriented according to Finance Chair Nick Reagan, who proposed both amendments.

Some senators were concerned that the amendments to the resolution changed its meaning. The resolution’s initial purpose was to support not only the students of color but also the football team and Jonathan Butler at the University of Missouri in their protests about institutionalized racism and a lack of action from the administration of Mizzou.

Sen. Semehar Ghebrekidan, the main sponsor of the resolution, was one of the senators who thought the original meaning was being skewed.

“At the end of the day, nothing they did was wrong,” Ghebrekidan said at Monday night’s meeting.

The senators decided to postpone voting on the resolution until next week’s meeting.

In addition to the Mizzou resolution, SA unanimously passed Resolution 15-12-R: SDSU Students’ Association Support for Signal Campus Kiosks sponsored by The Collegian and Resolution 15-13-R: A Request to Deny the Adoption of the Food Service Facility Fee Increase.

The resolution in support of kiosks for The Collegian would support installation of six newspaper kiosks around campus. The kiosks would include national and local advertisements.

The resolution to deny a food service facility fee increase will be used to lobby against the increase at the South Dakota Board of Regents meeting. More than 25 senators sponsored the bill.

During discussion over the resolution, senators said the main reason many opposed the fee increase was because it was not discussed at a previous SA meeting; therefore, representatives of the student body were not able to talk about how students felt about an increase.

A number of senators traveled to Spearfish, S.D. this week to attend the SDBOR meeting. Issues such as an Alcohol Sales Task Force update, tuition and fee considerations, Performing Arts Center expansion, Harding Hall renovation and the cost of attendance for student athletes will be discussed at the meeting.

The next SA meeting will be Monday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark room of The Union.