Heading into Year 3 of the five-year strategic plan, SDSU has surpassed some goals but won’t reach others by 2018.

South Dakota State University created a strategic plan three years ago, identifying the goals and priorities set by administrators, students and faculty. The plan, Impact 2018, just entered Year 3 of its five-year stretch.

 Impact 2018 focuses on four different goals identified by a 24-member council appointed by President David Chicoine before the strategic plan was set into motion in 2013. The goals focus on academic excellence, research, outreach and the performance of SDSU.

       The goals act as a road map for what the university’s priorities are and where it can improve. It will even act as a pathway for new leadership to SDSU once Provost Laurie Nichols and Chicoine resign their positions.

It’s even a “blessing,” Nichols said, because the new president will know what to expect and what to work toward as he or she comes into the position.

Students’ Association President Caleb Finck hopes the goals and targets set by current leadership will continue once SDSU transitions to a new provost and president.

“I hope that when we bring in a new president …” Finck said.  “They look at these targets and they have the same expectations that our current leadership has to work toward these goals.”

Why should students care?

Retention Rates

The percentage of students staying at SDSU represent, to a great deal, if students feel comfortable and are able to succeed in the SDSU environment. 

2025 New Buildings

New buildings are always nice, especially when they improve technology used in the classroom or help programs achieve accreditation standards.


The more students enrolled at SDSU increased the amount of tuition being paid. This could mean more money available for SDSU.

Underrepresented Students

By bringing students from different background to campus, there are more perspectives and voices to be heard.

Accredited Programs

Accreditation indicates the quality of a program and whether or not it reaches a certain standard.

Research Spending

Research spending represents the quality of a university’s research program. Research improves the economy and helps society solve its problems.