Super Bowl 50: More than just a game

The Collegian Staff


The Super Bowl is more than just a game; it is an event that brings a diverse group of people together.


The Super Bowl is an opportunity for people to create a community filled with food, family and healthy competition.

It has finally arrived. It’s not your books from Amazon or a care package from home. It is Super Bowl 50. 

This year on Feb. 7 the Denver Broncos will be playing the Carolina Panthers. Tensions will be high. Families will be divided. Hopefully, it will be a game to remember.

However, when most people think about this game, they don’t just think of the game itself. The Super Bowl is an experience complete with tremendous amounts of food, including super Super Bowl subs, tense conversations with people supporting the other team, hilarious commercials and a sense of community that is absent the other 364 days of the year.

This game allows people to spend time with their friends and family where they can enjoy each other’s company while exchanging smack talk.

We, at The Collegian, believe that the Super Bowl brings people together to enjoy football. Besides the community aspect, the game offers a chance for other parties to benefit from it. Advertisers step up their game and wallets to create advertisements that increase their sales for the rest of the year. 

The commercials are still entertaining, but they have declined since previous years. Usually, the commercials are a source of conversation for the week after the game. ‘Hey, did you see that commercial of..?’ or ‘My favorite Super Bowl commercial was…” are common phrases following the commercial-heavy game.

Each year, the Super Bowl is treated like an unofficial holiday. This game is the one that fans and football players have prepared for since the beginning of the football season. The anticipation for the Super Bowl shows that the game is more than just players on a field battling for a title or some form of material acknowledgment; it is a chance for America to bond over a common interest.

In the end, Super Bowl 50 is just another opportunity for two teams to see who is the best in the country. As fans, the best we can hope for is a fun, close game that keeps our attention where a community of football and non football fans alike can come together.


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