An unknown adventure


If anyone listens to my Monday morning radio show on 90.7 KSDJ, they have heard me talk about my travels, stories of Brookings and many roommates. I have always had an inclination to travel, explore and immerse myself in new opportunities, but I have a feeling that one of my best adventures is just beginning.

 Everyone has told me: stay in school as long as you can, you’re going to miss it. 

I don’t believe them. I cannot wait to start my adventure of homelessness and unemployment. 

This is a little bit joking but mostly serious: I don’t have a job, I don’t have a home and I don’t have a plan. I have been applying for jobs, attending interviews and praying for something to “come together.” It’s not happening, and I’m okay with that. 

This is the part of my life where I take an unknown adventure.

I know I’m not the only one in this adventure, which is even more comforting. There are plenty of my classmates who have been through interviews with companies who are looking for fresh faces with new ideas, but seven to 10 years of experience. 

The questions from friends and family are never ending, asking me what I’m going to do next, but why do I have to have my whole life figured out at age 23? I want to explore the world and my backyard all at once. I want to figure out what I am truly passionate about. I want to have a life full of stories as well as opportunities to share other’s stories. I think that’s what this adventure is for. 

Strangely, I feel good about this unknown adventure. This unplanned part of my life has taught me that letting go and jumping headfirst can be even better than a plan.

 I remember being a kid, lying in the grass and looking at the clouds. I remember pure bliss and no stress. That’s a little bit of what I have started to feel like on this unknown adventure.

 I’m sure that tomorrow will come and I will be hiding in my room crying and having an anxiety attack, but today I feel good. More people should live with fewer plans. I don’t think everyone should quit his or her job and move across the country tomorrow, but some change is good.

Take an adventure, make your own happiness and enjoy the world around you. I can’t promise it will be easy, but it might be worth it. 

If you haven’t listened to my show “Shake Off The Mondays” on New Rock 90.7 KSDJ, you have one Monday left to get in on the fun. Also, anyone who knows of a job opening you can find my contact information below “wink.”


Brenna Ramsden is an agriculture communications major at SDSU and can be reached at [email protected].