SDBOR develops alcohol sale, consumption policy

The sale and consumption of alcohol on South Dakota campuses was approved for special events by the Legislature last month.

Governor Dennis Daugaard signed Senate Bill 102 March 10, which will allow alcohol to be sold for fundraising and sporting events. The law will take effect July 1.

Areas of interest for the sale and consumption of alcohol on the South Dakota State University campus include donor and fundraising events for the school, sporting events and possibly at McCrory Gardens for wedding receptions.

One event where SDSU officials are wanting to sell alcohol is at the Luke Bryan concert for the Jacks Bash Kickoff Celebration at Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium Sept. 8.

Jeff Holm, senior associate athletic director for facilities and operations, said they will try to get a one-day license for the concert but aren’t looking to sell alcohol in the stadium for the remainder of the year.

An approval from the president would be needed before any plans are put into place to sell any alcohol through a private vendor at the concert. 

“The big thing is even though the legislation is passed, we have to work through university policy and work through special events and see how it evolves,” Holm said.

According to Doug Wermedal, interim vice president of student affairs, the South Dakota Board of Regents still has to determine a policy for the sale of alcohol on South Dakota campuses. The city of Brookings will also have to issue a license to SDSU to sell alcohol.

Wermedal expects the SDBOR policy on the sale and consumption of alcohol on campuses will be decided by June or July 2016.