Going through life without a plan

SELENA YAKABE Lifestyles Editor

So, lifestyles might see a few changes in the future. Namely me. And I’m told that I can occasionally write articles about alcohol, so that made my day.

But, I figured I should tell the readership a little bit about me. My story is slightly different, but we’re all supposedly unique, right? 

I count both Hawaii and Colorado as my home states since I was born in Hawaii and raised for a good portion of my life in Colorado. I’ve spent my 21 years of existence traveling around the country, and world, so I often get asked what brought me to South Dakota. 

That’s a tough question because I never really have a good answer for that besides agriculture, and well, why not South Dakota? I’ve spent my life trying to experience new things, and South Dakota is/was a new thing for me. 

It’s my philosophy that people should try things at least once (obviously excluding some of the bad things like murdering people) just for the experience. Life is about your experiences, and I want to experience life to the fullest. Hopefully you do too, because there’s so much to experience out there in the “real world.”

Though I’ve already been to 13 or so foreign countries and I’m not sure how many states, there are so many other places I hope life takes me. I know people talk about seeing the world, but I actually want to do it. Even Antarctica. 

I’m passionate about the outdoors, traveling, culture, art, reading, pretty much anything you can think of and, of course, beer. I can’t say I know a lot about anything, but I know a little about a lot. My interests keep growing, but I unfortunately can’t do it all. I certainly try, though.

Honestly, it’s pretty hard to pin me down because I’m constantly running around. 

Even throughout the school year I tend to be in Alabama, Colorado, Hawaii or California visiting my family. My immediate family is all military or prior service, so we tend to be scattered across the country, but that just keeps things interesting. 

And as a lot of people say, the best things that happen are usually unplanned. So, my advice for the day is to just go with the flow and to not get caught up in planning out all the details.  

As the new lifestyles editor, I invite you to sit back and enjoy the experience of the 2016-17 school year as well as my senior-year shenanigans with me. I’ll even try to throw in an entertaining column now and then.

I can’t say I have specific, set plans for what I will have in this section throughout the year, but I will do my best to make it entertaining. 

Like many other people, this is my last year of college, and that’s a little daunting. But hopefully I, and my other senior peers, will make it through the tunnel without too much senioritis.