Creativity week highlights music, ideas, imagination


Band members of Johnson McKinney Quintet took the stage at jazz night hosted by the Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge Monday night.

This was the first in a weekly jazz series at the restaurant and was one of the first events for Brookings Creativity Week.

The band played tunes from the Great American Songbook, the Beatles and even surprised the audience with their original “Pleasant Pheasant.”

Jazz filled the restaurant with high spirits as the audience cheered for the band.

Originally part of Creativity Week, jazz night is a weekly event held at the restaurant from fall to spring. The Pheasant invites local bands to promote various genres of music such as bluegrass, jazz and folk.

According to Michael Johnson, manager of the Pheasant, such musical nights help promote local artists and their talent.

“The band has been playing for more than 15 years,” said Murph Monahan, a good friend of the band members and a Brookings community member.

Corliss Johnson, saxophonist, added that such nights are a good platform to perform and introduce jazz to the audience.

“Almost all the universities have jazz music and there are chances to perform, but they are shrinking,” he said.

For the third year, Creativity Week is promoting local artists and talents, inviting people across the community to attend. Last week, Brookings hosted authors at the South Dakota Festival Of Books and the local produce at the Harvest Festival.

Scott Meyer, one of the founders of Creativity Week, hopes the events introduce people to what is happening in Brookings and what the events have to offer the community. He believes the event creates a common space where people are in one room with their ideas.

Creativity Week promotes any event hosted by the community, Meyer said. Locals can register for next year’s Creativity Week events online.

About 800 people attended Creativity Week events last year.

Events continue through Oct. 1.