Coaches reflect on Hobo Day tradition, changes


John Stiegelmeier


I love it. I love tradition and I love the fact so many alumni come home to be part of it. We try to just do our part on Saturday so hopefully it is not distracting. I heard the dorms get a bit noisy. My favorite part is surely the game. We don’t get to see the parade because of schedules. I also like the tradition of not shaving for 30 days. Our entire program attempts to do it. 

Joey Barnes


When I first heard of the event, my thoughts were of the name — though the name is not really fitting for the students, staff and university — I thought what an ironic name and event for such a highly intellectual group of individuals (SDSU). Very creative and free spirited — extremely special. I would love to experience it. If what I have been told is true, it will be a very festive and interesting event to see.

Nicole Cirillo


I first heard about Hobo Day a few years ago before taking this job when I was at IUPUI.  My first thought was what the heck is Hobo Day? Once I learned that it was the homecoming here at State my next question was, why Hobo Day? Since my arrival almost two years ago, I have learned much more about it and the tradition that this event holds and I think it’s pretty special. Now, I have yet to experience most of the festivities that surround the celebration due to us being in our season and on the road, but I think it’s a unique and fun way to celebrate here at SDSU.

Brad Erickson

Swimming and Diving

Hobo Day is the most unique homecoming celebration in the country, with a tradition dating back over a century. Among the changes for the parade: no more hobo mobile homes, some that were two-stories plus, and safety for spectators (no throwing candy from floats). Since the “riot,” there is also more for students to do after the game (Hobo Night Live).

TJ Otzelberger

Men’s Basketball

Hobo Day is a great way for today’s students to show their passion and enthusiasm for South Dakota State. It’s a great way to celebrate our past because alumni young and old have memories of Hobo Day celebrations.

I expect Hobo Day to be an event that showcases all the great things South Dakota State stands for. My first thought was this university has some serious pride. To continue a tradition like Hobo Day for over 100 years really shows how important this one event is to SDSU. My second thought was, how can we bottle this enthusiasm up and bring the atmosphere of Hobo Day to Frost Arena.