Five minutes with Sierra Sky

Editor’s note: The “Five minutes with” series focuses on a different person on campus. The interviewer spends five minutes speaking with a person each week to learn about them, their specialty or something they are passionate about.

Sierra Sky has almost 10 years of experience in the field of spirit rescue and clearings. She founded the Spirit Rescuers in 2008. The Spirit Rescuers are a team built upon helping restless spirits find peace.

Q: Why did you create a team?

A: I was a skeptic at first and then I was led off the side of the road. I then also took something from the cemetery, and that is when the haunting started. I was being haunted by a demon. After praying and getting help getting rid of the demon, I have decided that I wanted to help rescue lost spirits and that’s where Spirit Rescue came from. We are a remote team of 12 that have come together through our traumatic experiences and faith.

Q: What are some of the specialties of the Spirit Rescuers?

A: Spirit Rescuers’ main focus is spirit rescue, though the team also does Reiki, clearings and demonology intuitive, paranormal, attunements, light working and healing. We also help those that are being haunted and spend time teaching clients what to do.

Q: Where have you traveled?

A: I have helped people all over the world, though some locations are Alaska, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. I have assembled a team of individuals that have helped thousands of people around the globe.

Q: Have you done any investigations on South Dakota State University’s campus?

A: I have not been to South Dakota State University. I personally like to stay around the Madison area. I don’t do much traveling outside of Madison, but I do have a team around the world. Though I just got done doing an investigation at Dakota State University, and when the students leave for Christmas break I will be going back and continuing my research.