SA introduces 24-hour library, immediate action bills


Personal stories were told in order to better explain Trans Awareness Week at the Students’ Association Monday meeting.

GSA officer Chris Hartzler announced that Nov. 14 through Nov. 20 is Trans Week.

Hartzler held a presentation about the history of transgender and what it means to be trans.

After the presentation, members of the Students’ Association were able to ask questions.

One SA senator asked the percentage of SDSU students who identify as a member of the LGBT+ community. According to Hartzler, it is hard to figure that out due to the immense fear these students have of acceptance.

The Students’ Association then moved onto new business by introducing a club constitution and two resolutions.

The League of Legends Club Constitution was approved unanimously by SA.

The purpose of this new club is to engage the student community with the ESports Industry. The club is geared toward the video game and those who play it, however members are willing to helping anyone interested in learning about the game.

Resolutions 16-04-R: SDSU SA support for 24-hour access to Briggs Library for all students and 16-02-A: Immediate Action on Timely Items, had their first readings at the meeting.

If 16-04-R is to be passed, SA would support allowing all students to have 24-hour access to Briggs Library. The space will be decided upon by the library committee.

The library committee will then take the resolution into consideration when discussing the renovation of the library.

Resolution 16-02-A: Immediate Action on Timely Items, lets senators address a resolution directly after its first reading if it requires immediate action. This updates SA’s bylaws for emergency resolutions.

The resolutions will be put into unfinished business for further discussion at SA’s next meeting.

The next SA meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 21 in the Lewis and Clark room of The Union.