Appreciate your angels in life


Angels aren’t just limited to Heaven.

Some days, it’s easy to slip into a mindset that has us feeling as though the whole world is against us. 

Personally, I’m generally a very positive person, but when stress and life hits extra hard, I struggle to see the bright side. 

However, hearing a friend laugh or seeing someone I love smile seems to snap me out of that negative mindset. 

When feeling down, getting an unexpected text message or call from someone special can make us smile from ear to ear.

It’s those little reminders that angels surround us all.

No, these angels don’t wear halos. These angels aren’t perfect all the time — they fail sometimes. Even so, they make life so much easier, and they make life worth living. 

These angels are our friends and family. 

These angels include the kid who always says “hello” and asks how you’re doing, even though they don’t really know who you are. 

These angels are the people who return your purse or wallet to the lost and found when they could’ve easily stolen it. 

These angels are the people who are willing to pay for your meal because they know you simply can’t afford one. 

These angels are the friends hundreds of miles away who send a care package just for the hell of it. 

We are surrounded by angels. 

We need to recognize them and show our appreciation.

Think about all the times you’ve been completely down in the dumps, moping around and feeling sorry for yourself. 

Who pulled you out of that slump? Who made you smile and laugh even though you didn’t feel like it? Who bent over backwards for you? 

Those are the angels you need to recognize. 

Now that you’ve recognized them, you need to show some appreciation. 

Hug them a little tighter next time you see them. Tell them “thank you” over and over again. Call them just because you want to hear their voice or laugh. Leave them a little note that will leave them smiling like a fool when they read it. 

Too many times in life we disregard our angels and only recognize the “devils.” We forget to notice the blessings and tend to fixate on the hardships. 

It’s time to reverse that. 

The moment you realize angels aren’t only limited to Heaven is the moment you’ll realize life isn’t as hard as it seems.

Rachel Astleford is a nutrition & dietetics major at SDSU and can be reached at [email protected]