SA discusses ideas for change


Without any business on the Students’ Association agenda Monday evening, senators formed small groups to discuss projects and issues to be addressed by the university.

The Senate brought back ideas from each small group to discuss the ideas together.  

Some ideas included putting up South Dakota State University signs on light poles to help marketing on campus, starting a compost initiative to help eliminate food waste and update buildings that lack necessary resources students need.

A few of the outdated buildings mentioned were Berg Agriculture Hall and Scobey Hall. Senators said these buildings are a potential health risk due to poor ventilation.

Next semester, the Department of Psychology and Department of Sociology and Rural Studies will be moved out of Scobey Hall and into the basement of Hansen Hall because of these reasons.

The next SA meeting will be Monday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark room of The Union.

Reports from the executive board can be found in SA minutes.