Smoking ban revisits Students’ Association




The Students’ Association Monday night meeting revealed a smoking ban making its round again as an order of new business.

The night’s agenda included first readings of resolutions banning smoking, tobacco and E-Cigs. This is the fourth year in a row they have presented a smoking ban, which has been continually advocated by President Ally Helms. 

The resolution is different this time, Helms said. She explained that the main question students have about the resolution is how it would be enforced, often noting the lack of enforcement of the “25 foot rule,” which states a person cannot smoke within 25 feet of a university building. 

Many students have been skeptical of the resolution, questioning how it would be enforced and noting the lack of enforcement of the rule.

“Either way, I hope that students come out and share their opinions. If it doesn’t pass, that just means it’s something the students don’t support, and my overall goal in my role as Students’ Association president is to advocate for what the students want,” Helms said.

The main item of discussion at the meeting was the GAF (general activity fee) Strategic Plan.

Michaela Willis, vice president of Student Affairs, gave an open forum presentation on the GAF five-year plan, taking questions from senators and students. 

Willis explained there will be a $3.97 GAF increase, which will fund plans to renovate The Union, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, a Frost Arena addition and more.

Due to flat enrollment there is no plan to expand the Volstorff Ballroom or The Union. However, Willis said SDSU conduct a space study this spring to evaluate how Union space is being used, which will then inform plans for its renovation.

Additionally, part of the GAF Strategic Plan is to help hire an adviser for the Multicultural Center to better serve SDSU’s increasingly diverse student population.

The plan also looks to change the bond and utility fee to be paid by all SDSU students, instead of just freshmen and sophomores.

Senators posed various questions about the plan to Willis, and they must ultimately decide, before the March Board of Regents meeting, whether or not they support the GAF Strategic Plan, or components of it.

The Senate unanimously approved State-A-Thon’s Constitution, making State-A-Thon an independent student organization. State-A-Thon was previously under the University Program Council, but after 16 years of growth, State-A-Thon decided to become independent from UPC.

SA swore in five new at-large senators: Allyson Monson, Mark McLaughlin, Matthew Bruxvoort, Irakozee Naftari and Katherine Hodge.

Finally, Ordinance 16-03-O, stating that all meeting materials must be distributed in ample time prior to Monday night meetings, was carried over from the previous meeting and passed.

The next SA meeting will be held Monday, Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark room of The Union.