Valentine’s Day dates


Deciding how to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other (or your friends) can be hard. Instead of saying “I don’t care, you pick,” try one of these date ideas:

The cheap date

Hit up the McDonald’s drive through. Hello, dollar menu.

The casual date

Go to the bowling alley for a few games. 

The anti-date

Do you hate Valentine’s Day? Do the least romantic thing you can think of. For example, sit in bed and watch Netflix, go to the humane society and play with the animals, or do homework in the library or Union. No matter what you do, just completely ignore the entire “meaning” of the day. 

The date for busy couples

Just because you both have a lot on your plate doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate. Set aside a short amount of time to meet up, even if you only have time to say hello for a little while over coffee.

The first date

No need to go all out just because your first date is near Valentine’s Day. Stick with something simple — dinner at a casual restaurant like Cubby’s and a movie.

The romantic date

Get dressed up and go to one of Brookings’ fancier restaurants like The Pheasant or the Old Market Eatery. Bring a bouquet of roses and splurge on a bottle of wine.

The lazy date

Put on your comfiest sweats and make some popcorn or order pizza. Binge on a season of the show you watch together or watch a newly added movie like Finding Dory.

The wanderer date

Pick up your date and start driving. Make a good playlist and enjoy the views together. Stay in town or find a new destination on your mini-road trip.

The Galentine’s date

Grab your single ladies and celebrate Galentine’s Day. Get ice cream, turn on a chick flick and enjoy the company of your best friends.

The adventurous date

Get dinner somewhere you have never been before and order the most obscure item on the menu. Then go to the Outdoor Adventure Center and try the shooting range or archery.

The study date

Have a big test coming up but still want to celebrate V-Day? Head to your favorite coffee shop and hit the books together. You’ll get to spend time with each other, but you’ll be productive at the same time.