Alternative workouts to take the repetitious out of your repetitions


It’s important to mix up your exercise routine. These students play intramural inner tube water polo in the Wellness Center pool. 

By LIBBEY MILES Lifestyles Reporter

Traditional ways of working out, like treadmills or ellipticals, can be repetitive for some and intimidating for others. However, there are more exciting and unique options for working out that aren’t highlighted often.

Some alternative forms of exercise offered at SDSU include group fitness classes, swimming, cycling classes and the rock wall. 

“Cycle classes are very different than running outside,” said Anjali Ranadive, Beachbody Live Master Trainer and instructor at the SDSU Wellness Center. “You get music and the energy of a group. It’s a fun environment. Running on your own, you have to be very self-motivated and it’s a lot easier to quit than if you’re in a cycling class.  

Ranadive said it’s important to mix up exercise routines. Doing the same workouts frequently leads to overuse, injury and your body becomes less effective because it gets used to it. Because of this, she recommends cross training.  

“So many people stick to the cardio machines when we have so much more to offer,” said Jacob Heidenrich, a personal trainer at the Wellness Center and junior majoring in exercise science and health education. “There’s nothing more satisfying than lifting weights you didn’t think you could or seeing your muscles grow. Getting a personal trainer can be a great way to learn how to properly lift weights, and become more confident with yourself in the gym.”

With the weather improving, Ranadive also recommends outdoor activities like volleyball and Frisbee.  

To join group courses at the Wellness Center, students pay a membership of $50 per semester, or $90 each year.