Next Senate body sworn in

Former Students’ Association President Ally Helms is sworn into her role as vice president by former Vice President Lane Speirs. Helms swore in her successor, Taylin Albrecht, as the 2017-2018 SA President.

By EMILY De WAARD News Editor

The 2016-17 Students’ Association Senate body concluded their term at Monday night’s meeting after unanimously approving Tier 2 budgets and discussing The Union space study.

The Tier 2 budgets are covered in “SDSU tuition, GAF increase for the first time in two years,” and the Union space study is covered in “Student Union under microscope.”

Before swearing in the new Senate body, SA unanimously approved Ordinance 16-07-O and Resolution 16-20-R. 

Ordinance 16-07-O showed SA’s approval of a $30,000 increase in funding to the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Resolution 16-20-R shows SA’s support of establishing a public transportation system on campus.

Resolution 16-18-R asks the university to consider a new scholarship fund for the royalties earned off textbooks written by faculty that students are required to buy. SA voted to refer 16-18-R to the Academic Affairs committee to work on it further.

SA also amended their agenda during the meeting to vote on whether or not to remain in the Student Federation. This matter was pushed from the fall semester to the final meeting of the body’s term after SDSU’s SA briefly left the Student Federation.

After business was taken care of, former Sen. Robert McLean was honored as Senator of the Year before concluding his term. The new Senate body and executive team were sworn in to wrap up the night.

The next SA meeting will be at 7 p.m. April 17 in the Lewis and Clark room of The Union.