DIY Valentine’s Day: homemade tips, tricks


Collegian photo by KELLY MITCHELL

Tayler Larsen, Lifestyles Reporter

It can be stressful to go out and find that perfect gift for that someone special. There are a few ways to make it even more special with some ways to DIY your Valentine’s Day from those popular “Open when” letters to a homemade card.

Let this year be different and stress-free from unnecessary expenses. A small gesture full of meaning can make someone’s day more than you would think. Doing it yourself is a great strategy when it comes to gift giving on this day of love.

“It takes more time to create (DIY gifts),” said freshman horticulture major Gabrielle Thooft. “You do have to go through the thought process of buying it and what you want to buy them, but I feel like if you make it for them then it’s more noteworthy.”

It can seem daunting trying to produce a unique, thoughtful gift. There are numerous examples, however, to spark inspiration.

The care package

Making use of a box and filling it with personalized gifts can fill almost anyone’s heart with love. Whether it’s heart candies, their favorite movie or fuzzy socks, there’s really nothing you can go wrong with.

There are three things senior chemistry major Brad Kruse thinks should go in a care package.

“Candy for sure, something small that’s practical like a Popsocket and then probably something written that has sentimental value,” Kruse said.

Homemade card

Even though it might feel like you are back in kindergarten class, making a handmade valentine takes a lot of love. Sometimes the straightforward way is more impactful.

Thooft said she received a card with a picture drawn on it and she still has it to this day.

All you need is a piece of paper, a writing utensil and some words from the heart. It’s as simple as it gets.

A sweet treat

Channeling your inner Betty Crocker might just land you a first-place spot in someone’s heart.

“I’ve made homemade brownies one time and shaped them into hearts,” said sophomore biology, secondary education major, Tylee Irwin.

‘Open when’ letters

Take some time and consider this well-thought-out gift, specialized just for your special someone. With a handful of envelopes write customized letters for several situations.

It can be as easy as “open when you miss me,” “open when you are sad” or “open when you need motivation.”

This might be a little cheesy, but it’s an affordable way to show someone how much you care.

The classic Valentine’s Day gifts

If you’re not feeling crafty and have some extra cash in your pocket, consider the traditional route. A bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear might just be the perfect simplistic gift.

For sophomore hospitality management major, Taylor Person, her overall favorite gift she has ever received on Valentine’s Day was one blooming with love.

“I really like getting flowers from my parents every year. It’s a tradition we have always done,” Person said.

Instead of dinner and movie this Valentine’s day take some tips and make this holiday even more meaningful and surprise your Valentine with a gift from the heart.