Jacks hop over Golden Eagles

Victoria Berndt, Sports Reporter

A road trip can’t put out South Dakota State’s fire.

Although the Jacks got off to a slow start, they got the victory 86-80.

Tevin King, Skyler Flatten, and David Jenkins brought the momentum for the Jacks in the first half.

Mike Daum pushed through a slow start of the game with only two points in the first 14 minutes. He fought back and scored six points in a matter of two minutes later in the first half.

The Jacks went on a 23-12 run at the end of the first, leading ORU by 11.

Starting the second half the Golden Eagles put the pressure on redshirt freshman, Alex Arians. Arians fought back and finished the game with 11 points, eight rebounds and three assists.

Daum worked the paint in the second half drawing fouls and getting to the line to score. Daum finished the game with 23 points and nine rebounds.

The Golden Eagles fought back from a 20-point deficit to a five-point game with 55 seconds left to go. The Jacks held their ground and still pulled out with the win.

Up next, South Dakota State will head to Denver to take on the Denver Pioneers at 2 p.m., Feb. 3.