Five phases of spring semester


Haley Halvorson, Lifestyles Editor

After weeks away from homework, lectures and the routine walk to class, it’s time to spring into the new semester, but not before making some slight adjustments. 

You might have spent winter break lying around in pajamas. However you filled your days off, it almost definitely did not involve school. Returning to SDSU and starting the cycle of school all over again means going through some phases that might take some getting used to. 

Going back to classes

We’ve circled back to the time where students have to buy hundreds of dollars in textbooks again. Students dread the trudge to class to taking notes every day after what seems like a dream vacation when finishing finals a few short weeks ago. The only thing to really look forward to is syllabus week before the work really starts.

Socializing again

I’m not saying everyone spent their break cooped up inside, wearing sweatpants and avoiding high school classmates, but it was probably less socializing than at school. So, going back and being in a classroom and the Student Union and having to talk with people who aren’t your parents and siblings might be a bit of a struggle for the first few days.

Doing your own laundry and cooking

Home-cooked meals and not having to do your laundry were big reliefs this past month, but now it’s time to return to Larson Commons, the Student Union and waiting until your very last clean shirt to do your laundry.

Fixing your sleeping schedule

Over break, going to bed late and waking up even later might have become habit. Unfortunately, it’s time to fix your sleeping schedule and be ready for those early morning classes. Some of us might wish to go back to staying in our childhood room—sleeping the day away—but now it’s back to trying to get eight hours of sleep.

Unpacking procrastination

After packing up almost all of your clothes and heading home, you now have to pack everything back up, haul it to your dorm or apartment and unpack it all again. But with so much to get ready for before the semester gets into full swing, you might end up just picking items out of a suitcase for a while.