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Craft’s Love is Blind: potential relationship or just friendship?

HALEY HALVORSON Sasia Heitkamp and Chase Pinkert go to Craft Italian-American Fusion in Brookings on a blind date.

Sasia Heitkamp, a junior wildlife and fisheries and pre-veterinarian double-major took a chance last week and put her love life in someone else’s hands and went on a blind date with freshman electrical engineering major Chase Pinkert.

Last Wednesday, the two went to Craft Italian and American Fusion to see if love, at first sight, was in store for them. First, they answered a couple of questions before heading out on what could be the first date of many.

How would you describe yourself to someone new?

Sasia: I’m very country based and really outgoing and trying new things. I’m also stubborn, I don’t like losing arguments.

Chase: I’m a diverse person and I try to make the world a better place.

How do you spend your free time?

S: I work for the city of Brookings and teach kids how to ice skate. I also go ice skating for myself and practice jumping. I also watch a lot of movies with my friends.

C: What free time? I’m in formula (Society of Automotive Engineers) team, Engineers Without Borders, men’s choir, Student Sustainability Council and make music in my spare time.

Why did you decide to go on a blind date?

S: I saw a Snapchat about it and thought it might be fun so I said yes.

C: I figured it would be fun and I’m kind of looking for a girlfriend.

Are you nervous?

S: I’m a little nervous but more excited. I’m nervous because what if it doesn’t work out how I planned? I at least want to get a friend out of it.

C: Not really.

What qualities do you look for in a relationship?

S: Being a gentleman, nice and caring. Someone who is going to be there for you.

C: Someone that can be supportive, caring and not too serious.

What is your best pick-up line?

S: What if I tell you I don’t have one?

C: Are you an oppositely charged particle? Because I’m attracted to you.

Describe how you are feeling about the date in one word.

S: Excited.

C: Ready.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

S: Someone who is like me and won’t admit they are wrong.

C: When people don’t respect other people who are trying to help them.

Who is your ideal partner and why?

S: A cowboy. When I was growing up I wanted to date a farmer because I lived around farmers but as I got older and went to a couple rodeos I noticed cowboys were a lot better.

C: A woman.

After the date, the couple was asked a series of questions again.

What was your first impression?

S: He was a really nice guy.

C: She seemed nice, I like her.

How did the date go and why?

S: It went really good, there was never an awkward pause.

C: I think it went well, we had a great conversation and talked about a lot of stuff. We come from the same background.

Would you go on a second date and why?

S: No, he’s more of a friend type to me, but a super nice guy.

C: I think I would because I’d like to talk to her again, she seems pretty cool.

What did you have to eat, how was the food and atmosphere of Craft?

S: I really like this place and the service, I had the Shrimp Scampi and we had the New York Cheesecake.

C: It was pretty good, I like the music. I had the Fettuccine and Meatballs and we shared a cheesecake

Did anything memorable occur?

S: Not really.

C: Not too much, I made a joke asking her, “if you feel the love yet, and how many children we are having.”

Describe how you are feeling after the date in one word?

S: Glad.

C: Satisfied.

What is your favorite quality about the other person?

S: He’s genuine. He wasn’t just trying to impress me.

C: She was nice to talk to.

Was there something significant that you two had in common?

S: He used to hunt which is something we had in common, and working on cars.

C: We both hunt.

If you could change one thing about the date what would it be and why?

S: I wouldn’t change anything in all honesty.

C: The weather could have been nicer.

What is some advice for someone who might be thinking about going on a blind date?

S: Don’t get nervous. I was a little nervous, and you’re meeting someone that you have no idea who this person is and once I got there and met him it wasn’t that bad.

C: Just go for it, get out of your comfort zone.


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