Planner it up: Get your life organized

Korey Schuld

Students can use a planner for many reasons. Some use them to remember meetings and schedule classes, birthdays, events and work shifts. However, some students might not know where to start with a new planner, so here are some tips to get started.

  • Make a color code to organize the different items written in the planner.
  • On the month-long calendar, mark quizzes, tests, exams, major events and birthdays. Each should be a different color, in accordance with the code you’ve made.
  • Pages that have the month separated by week should help organize classes and assignments using a color system as well.
  • At the end of every planner are some notes pages. These can be used to write little reminders or to-do lists.
  • There are typically information or contact pages that help keep phone numbers, passwords or other important information in either the back or the front of your planner.
  • The first page should have your personal contact information in case your planner gets misplaced.
  • Add photos around the cover using double-sided Scotch Tape to personalize it.