Managing your financial aid documents



Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head

College can be a stressful place and to make it more complicated, there are areas of the college experience that are hard to find and understand, especially financial aid. 

Understanding and navigating financial aid information is one area of confusion among many college students. Whether you are a freshman, transfer student or looking for more information, financial aid is relevant to you.

Lucky for college students, there is an instructional video on how to navigate and understand financial aid as a new college student. Information in this video includes how to access financial aid and the steps on how to fill out your information and apply for the free application for Federal Student Aid. It also includes how to calculate how much aid to borrow and how to accept it.

Managing financial aid during and after college does not need to be confusing either.

Information on how to manage your aid after college and how to access this information is discussed. Other areas of importance are record keeping and resources for more information on financial aid. 

This video is meant to be a resource for college students who may not know where to start when the time comes to think about financial aid. This video is located on the SDSU Extension YouTube channel []. For more information, you can go to, and