Union renovations, club constitutions, new resolutions


Jacob Boyko, News Editor


During the Sept. 12 Students’ Association meeting, senators were addressed by Jennifer Novotny, approved three club constitutions and passed an amendment and resolution. 


Novotny passed around a piece of wood from a much older University Student Union. The piece of flooring was used in a space called The Jungle where the cafeteria for students was in the 40s, 50s and 60s. The board was etched with signatures and doodles from students decades ago. 

According to Novotny, the summer renovation of the Student Union is almost complete. When students arrived for the fall semester, they walked into an updated building. 

The most noticeable update is the new flooring on the main level called terrazzo.

“It’s actually not a tile,” Novotny said. “It’s actually a completely different flooring than we’ve had in the building before.” 

One reason the university opted for terrazzo is because of the noise made when carts rolled on the floor. 

Michaela Willis, SDSU’s vice president for student affairs and enrollment management, shared an anecdote about the refreshed look of the building. 

“Right around move-in time this year, President Dunn was in some meetings with architects for some facility on campus,” Willis said. “He was actually asked ‘Is this a new Student Union? Is this brand new this year?” 

The next step is to finish renovations in the Volstorff Ballroom and to get the last shipments of updated furniture for around the Student Union, Novotny said.


The Students’ Association unanimously approved club constitutions for three clubs Monday. Representatives of the Botanical Society Student Chapter, Pre-Dental Club and Fashion and Apparel Club addressed the Students’ Association and took questions pertaining to the clubs’ missions and membership. 

Amendments and Resolutions: 

The Students’ Association passed Amendment 22-1-A, which changes the Communications Chair’s responsibilities to include managing the SA website by themself as well as operating the social media accounts as a business manager.

The Senate also passed Resolution 22-2-R recognizing September as Mental Health Awareness Month. 

“SDSU Students’ Association has been and will remain committed to confronting these issues, supporting our students and finding solutions to ensure that our campus and community continue to improve our overall mental health,” the resolution reads. 

Next week, the Senate will vote on Resolution 22-1-R to thank Dr. Scott Pedersen, who is credited with bringing the cadaver program to the university and bettering anatomy courses. Pederson is retiring after 22 years at SDSU.