SA in brief


Gracie Terrall, Managing Editor (She/Her)

During the South Dakota State University Student’s Association meeting Sept. 13, Senators discussed COVID-19 vaccine promotions, The Food Recovery Network Conservation’s constitution and an amendment to improve remote Senator voting.

COVID-19 vaccines

SDSU held a vaccine clinic Sept. 9 in the Volstorff Ballroom. There were 162 participants at the clinic. The school distributed over $8,100 in Hobo Dough to the students who participated, Willis said. 

The City of Brookings is hosting a citywide vaccine promotion from the campus community called “Your Shot to Win.” The city will be distributing 10 $5,000 prizes Oct. 24 and student scholarships. An event will be held later in October to award the prizes. 

“To be eligible, you have to be a resident of Brookings Country,” Willis said. “That does include SDSU students living on campus in the residence halls or off campus in the Brookings community.”

People can apply for the promotion from Sept. 13 through Oct. 11 online at 

Food Recovery Network Conservation

The Food Recovery Network Conservation (FRNC) was formed two years ago, but was never in the student body part of campus. During the meeting, President Alexis Elfstrand presented the club’s constitution to the Senate during the open forum section. 

The FRNC’s mission is to “support food-insecure students by partnering with Aramark and other campus food distributors to deliver pre-packaged, leftover food to Jack’s Cupboard,” section 1-A of their constitution read. 

The FRNC will also be implementing reusable containers and sustainability programs to educate people about waste production, Elfstrand said. 

The constitution was approved unanimously by the Senate. 

SA Senator Voting

The Senate voted unanimously to pass Amendment 21-1-A: Remote Voting in Senate Meetings. 

Article V. Legislative Branch, section 3, subsection 9 of the SA bylaws was removed.

“An absent senator may not vote by phone or other electronic means via proxy or in lieu of a proxy,” the removed section read. 

The amendment will now allow senators to vote from home if they are unable to attend meetings. 

“We’ve all seen a need for tele-activity,” Vice President Rachel Schöön said. “If someone can’t attend because they are quarantining, we want them to have the right to vote.”

Qualifications for Brookings vaccine promotion:

A resident of Brookings County (SDSU campus residents included)

U.S. citizen

At least 12 years old

Must have either the one-dose Johnson  & Johnson vaccine or first dose of Pfizer or Moderna

Present vaccine card if you are one of the winners.