SA in brief


J. Michael Bertsch, Managing Editor (He/Him)



Two tickets for the Students’ Association president and vice president have been nominated so far.

The first ticket nominates Government Affairs Chair Zebadiah Johnson for president and Finance Chair Sarah Cook for vice president.

The second ticket nominates Sen. At-Large Andrew Rasmussen for president and Chief of Staff Rachel Schöön for vice president.

The nomination window for presidential nominations will remain open until the Feb. 22 meeting, according to the Students’ Association bylaws.


The internet on campus will be seeing improvements within the coming weeks, according to Vice President for Technology and Security David Overby.

According to Overby, over 1,400 new wireless access points will be added to the campus wireless infrastructure starting in February.


Rabbit Ride, previously known as Safe Ride, is now operating as a free ride service for students, similar to Uber or Lyft.

According to the Rabbit Ride website, the goals of the program are “to provide a safe ride home to potentially impaired drivers, keep the streets of Brookings safe, reduce the number of DWI convictions in Brookings and decrease the number of underage and high-risk alcohol drinking convictions.”

Students can download an application called TapRide for both iOS and Android. Once downloaded, students should select South Dakota State University to access Rabbit Ride.



Nomination Procedure for SA President and Vice President

  • The slate for nominations for the president and vice president will begin no earlier than five weeks before the SA Senate election.
  • The slate for presidential and vice-presidential nominations will be open for three meetings.
  • Nominations shall close at a meeting no later than two weeks before the Senate election.
  • Nominations can be made by:
    • A Senator that makes a motion during a meeting and receiving a second.
    • Any student that files a petition that receives signatures from 5% of GAF-paying individuals.
  • Candidates for the offices of President and Vice President may not be classified as a freshman at the time of their nomination unless they have completed one semester as a senator.