May 4th Council Meeting Highlights

Noah R. Mincheff, Opinion Editor

The Brookings City Council met on May 4 to discuss several pertinent issues surrounding COVID-19 as well as new construction projects; here is the recap.


The council voted to begin a phased re-opening of Brookings, having already completed phase 1, which would have been a stay-at-home order, but that was tabled. Phase 2 is the currently active ordinance, 20-005, placing certain stipulations on the conduct of business. Such measures include limiting restaurants to 10 people, or half their normal capacity, whichever is greater, and installing plexiglass dividers between customers and cashiers in grocery stores. Phase 3 introduces resolution 20-038, which will eventually lighten these restrictions while keeping in place mandated masks for food service workers, disinfection protocols and the like. Phase 4 will further lighten these regulations or lift them entirely depending on state conditions when the time arrives.


Throughout the coming week, the council will hold roundtable meetings for the various industries of Brookings to help businesses understand and comply with the new regulations.

A new prospective construction project, an I-29/22nd interchange, is now open for public comment here rather than holding in person meetings.