Seten, Bruley to run uncontested



Junior Hattie Seten, a political science, global studies and Spanish major, and junior Reis Bruley, an animal science major are running for president and vice president of Students’ Association at South Dakota State University. Voting is scheduled for March 24-25.

Gracie Terrall, Copy Editor

Next academic year, Hattie Seten and Reis Bruley, will receive the title of Students’ Association president and vice president in an uncontested race after the two-year long presidency of Allyson Monson.

Although they are running unopposed, Seten and Bruley are still putting just as much effort into their campaign.

“It is really important that we invest in this campaign,” Seten said. “It’s important to share our plan, because that’s ultimately saying that we really care about this role. This is our vision.”

“Even though it isn’t contested, we still are going to put that effort into it,” added Bruley. “It’s just as important this year as it would be any other year or in a contested race that we do get our platform out there and we are communicating with the students at SDSU.”

Through their campaign, Seten and Bruley have three pillars that they hope to use to build their platform and implement into the Students’ Association next year.

Communicate, collaborate and elevate.

“We want to drive effective communication between Students’ Association, the campus and community, … collaborate on implementing innovative ideas and effective solutions on campus … and elevate opportunities for students to grow and succeed,” Seten said.

Seten and Bruley are full of ideas they hope to advocate for during their term. Some of those include a new fixed bus route for students to get on and off campus with ease.

According to Bruley, a transit system will give students the ability to travel into the community and join the Brookings workforce.

Support for diversity is another aspect of the campaign the pair is emphasizing heavily. Working with the Multicultural Center and new American Indian Center will allow them to strengthen those partnerships and make diversity a larger part of campus.

They also wish to hold an SA Town Hall in the Union Marketplace twice a semester.

“We can facilitate that communication and can have more people know about Students’ Association,” Seten said.

Seten and Bruley are both ready to take on the challenges of next year, and their years of experience with SA have prepared them for it.

Seten served on the executive board this year as the government affairs chair. In past years, she was a senator at-large and a senator for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Bruley served as a senator at-large this year.

Monson is confident that her successors will carry on her legacy next year.

“I have full faith that they will do a great job in the administrative role,” Monson said. “Collaboration is always the best thing. When you hold office, your job is to make sure that everyone is invited to the table and everyone speaks at the table.”

Seten and Bruley hope the ideas they bring to the table will hopefully make for a successful year as SA president and vice president. 

“We really want to look at campus, which we already love, and try to find how we can make it better,” Seten said.